You can share these channeled messages as long as no alteration and change will be done to its content and proper recognition from whence it came from. Love and Light.


by Noel Resella on Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 12:47am

i declare and acknowledge that we are all interconnected in the web of life that manifests itself as the Universe. I declare to respect all things that exist knowing they are all sparks of the Divine Being.

I declare the oneness that affects each and everyone regardless of creed, skin color, nationality, sex and status.

I declare that I will live this Unity in mind, body and spirit through the awareness of my connection to everything.

I declare and know that as I live in the absence of competition and forge forward through unified cooperation I am creating a path that serves for the good and benefit of all.

I am one with all.

So it is!




Be-ing a Light Worker from Archangel Raphael
Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 6:49am
Channeled message through Noel Resella


So much energy is moving around in your planet at the present time. You are all about to jump into the many new changes in your lives and environment in the next few months. These upheaval and recycling of old energies into new ones that will and is propelling to help you evolve into your new selves can be partly painful at times. But know that in the higher realms you have decided to go through these situations in order for you to experience these wondrous times.

The more you let go of old energies, systems and cycles in favor of the new, the more easier the ride would be. Resistance only serve as an obstacle to further aggravate the situation so you can come to the realization that release is a must for the moment. Resistance at this point is futile. The choice is to move forward.

Many will be shaken from their wits because of the awakening to the true reality of what has happened and happening as opposed to what had been controlled. The bondage and restrictions are about to be taken away and with this the collapse of various societal systems that are obsolete and had benefited only a few. The time of unified effort as groups cooperating together is about to give birth. Moving around as a solitary figure is a thing of the past. It is time to merge and share energies together for the mutual benefit of everyone.

It is indeed exciting times. Although it may seem a second in eternity, it is a vast spark of evolutionary leap that triggers the forward movement of the whole Universe itself. As you evolve into your new bodies now happening in its development every second, your life may seem to fall apart. it is just the renewal and encoding of new programs that are more light-filled and expansive. That is the new reality awaiting each one who decided to participate in the quantum leap. Please also make the effort to work on yourselves to assist the smooth process of change within yourselves and around you.

You may call on the Silver Emerald Ray to assist you in releasing, cleansing, healing and transmuting of obsolete parts of your lives. For that is what it is all about - the releasing, cleansing and healing are just about the transmutation process to move in to a new reality. It is like moving into a new body and a new environment where the reality is of harmony, cooperation, abundance, love and peace.

After releasing call on the Pearlescent Golden White Ray to build and create your new reality. Perceive a reality of higher dimensionality where everyone supports the rest with love and light. A reality where fear dissolves into the splendor of enlightened living.

Know that enlightenment is the ability to hold light into your systems. The more you become proficient in gathering, holding and sharing this Golden Christ Light in your bodies and life the more brighter your new realities will be.

Being vessels of light and working to hold, create with and share this light is the true service of the lightworker. Enlightened knowing and experiencing with responsibility is what light service is all about. Soon many of you can truly be called lightworkers not only in the sense of the 'title' but coming truly from the discernment of the heart and the heart of service.

Claim it now for the energy is available for those who are willing to work and embrace it as a reality in their lives. For as you ask and embrace it into your life then with your will, with the merging of your Higher Aspects, you are. And all you need to do to proceed is to Be. Be-ing. Be Light. Be Love.

We, the angelic realms, are rejoicing for the full emergence of the era of Golden Light and Living. So be it!

Our eternal Love to all!
Archangel Raphael




Archangel Raphael: To Heal Is To Change Your Viewpoint
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 6:26am
Channeled through Noel Resella


Healing is one of the forms of manifestation. On a higher level it denotes creating a new form to replace an older one that no longer serves you. It is no different then writing a new book, composing a new song or painting a new masterpiece.

In fact, each one you is masterpiece on your own: A masterpiece of your creation. However, a majority of you had been creating unconsciously through the results of previous conditioning. Because of this, many of you feel entrapped by your own unconscious creations. Many have become willing prisoners of their creations, hating or liking them depending on how your standards had been molded into these realities.

It also explains the diversity of creations that abound on Earth, each having the right to exist on their own, aligning themselves with natural and spiritual laws. It is the reason why many religions preach non-judgment which many hear but do not apply in their lives.

Each of your lives, your daily situations are energetic qualities that you yourself have molded through your thoughts and emotions. Many have used them to their detriment aligned with their lower egos and becoming so attached to them believing that they are the sole truths of existence. But alas, Powerful Ones, nothing is absolutely true at the lower levels, since they are mostly created by the lower ego. Very few manifestations had ever been very close to the reaching higher frequencies of the soul, your Higher Selves and the I Am Presence. Mostly, the Masters (Buddha, Jesus Christ, St. Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio, St. Germaine, etc) who had been wayfarers to show the way have manifested them but very few truly understand what they truly meant.

However, in these times of general awakening, many of you are opening your eyes, your consciousness to your true aspects. The healer in everyone is ready to emerge or emerging. Many of you are ripe to accept that inner, inherent quality. Everyone is a healer! Everyone manifests their own healing. Everyone can heal their relationships, body/bodies, thoughts, emotions, careers, homes, karma, etc. It is endless, as what the Universe and MultiUniverse is/are.

The key to manifesting these healings are your perceptions. If you desire change, you must be willing to bring in new viewpoints to your advantage that will replace old ones, nurture them and embrace them. It must have complete acceptance from you and jive with previous and existing beliefs. Otherwise, if your new viewpoints are incompatible with old ones, the manifestation and healing would be blocked. In that case, old belief systems need to be dug out and diminished. These belief systems are energetic qualities as well since everything in the Universe is energy. The Universe is energy.

All you have to do is change the quality of energy that will exude your new creations and make more of these energetic qualities to sustain them. It is no more simpler than that. You create your own life, you heal yourself. The healer/practitioner you is just an accessory you go to to help change your frame of mind and thoughts to veer towards your new reality of good perfect health.

For some this might be a difficult pill to swallow but this truth will soon become more obvious in the very near future as you approach a certain completion of a particular cycle where you will merge with other aspects of your True Self that will bring you to terms with Absolute Truth.

As you become more aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect or even create your reality, you become master creators where you intend the reality you desire to manifest as your life. This will be the norm in the future where all hearts are joined by just that ultimate vibration of Love and Oneness. Many would realize how their points of view and how they approach situations will influence their outcomes.

Powerful Ones, awaken to this beautiful power within yourself and temper it with love, align it with your Higher Selves, I Am Presences and you would indeed fly to higher realities you had never thought at the onset to be there. It will bring you to what your mind cannot comprehend at the present moment-the concept of eternal and infinity. For that is your true heritage. You are infinite and eternal. Death is an illusion you have dreamed as a reality a long time ago. That viewpoint is obsolete and about to crumble. You would understand immortality soon without the concept of disease and decay.

Continue to become aware of your viewpoints, constantly changing them to bring about bright prospects in your life. You are the key to making changes in your life. Miracles are a key ingredient in your make-up. Each of you is a miracle-maker and through shifting your viewpoints you make that possible.

With this message comes the essence of what I Am imparting.

Claim your heritage, claim that inner power, activate that wholeness, that holiness that all may rejoice as the prodigal son/daughter returns and merges with the All-Powerful Father/Mother/All That Is. Once again the Holy Trinity becomes fully conscious, fully awakened and free from the cages of false dreams into the arms and realms of Absolute Truth!

Immense Service, Love and Light to you all, Masters of True Reality!
I AM Archangel Raphael.




Playing the Roles and Scripts in the Play of Life
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 6:47am
By Noel Resella

The whole world is a-whirl right now and many are riding the carousel of confusion. With the Internet in our hands, the influx of information can be overwhelming, even frightening in these times.

We all receive our inner calling and messages to ponder on, as many channels around the world do. It's been always pointed out that communication with your Higher Self brings about what is relevant for you at a certain time. What might be relevant for you might not be for others as each of us have their own purposes to fulfill. Whatever they are, there are always glimpses of the truth for each one and we have to respect that.
Noah was told to build the ark with much doubt around him, but he pursued. We are not all Noahs, yet there's always a lesson for each situation and decision we make. Nothing happens by chance, each note in the musical scales of our lives is a footprint of a journey somewhere and that is individual.

It is a time of uniting though, and as the individual colors of the rainbow have different hues they all blend to celebrate the diversity of life. When we view the grand scheme of things and the way energy changes in this most volatile of times, we are all learning to use energy appropriate to lessons and things we need to fulfill.

Lessons right now mostly border on letting go, detachment, finding your True Self, releasing lower ego-based emotions and facing the illusions of separation. We all need to face, jump over and learn from all of these hurdles until we reach our finish lines. No matter what lanes we pursue, there is only one finish line, for the moment.

Surprisingly, we find out there's another finish line to accomplish at a larger level, as there are higher octaves in the musical scale . As we view life as a huge carnival with so many sights and sounds to experience and choose what tickles our neurons and focus on that, we become busy with our moments and have less time to ponder on other people's cares, yet have the mindset that whatever path they choose, it is not right or wrong. It is what is most appropriate for them and might not be for you.

Connecting to your Highest Aspects brings clarity to the fore. Your Higher Self knows what is best for you. A daily Holy Communion with the Higher Self brings you to a state of wholeness and a fresh perception of your path. We may listen to and read other people's intuition and they are mostly varied for they are pursuing lessons along the path as well. We are living in the lower realms so we must realize that at this stage nothing is Absolute except higher concepts like love, peace, forgiveness which our minds yet cannot grasp in their fullness.

After all, our Higher Selves are our directors from which we receive feedbacks if we are playing our roles in the most beneficial way for us.

Whatever decisions we make each moment, whether based on reaction or proaction, determines if we move forward or repeat a cycle. In moving forward, be it a decision to garishly paint a chair in silver or climb Mt. Everest, the process is the same. The Universe will execute it according to its laws. The point is in making a forward movement you decided to tread a new path where innocence can grow.

The roles and scripts we have to play, read and act out is a part of the grand theater of the Universe. Sometimes it brings a chuckle to realize that all along you had been playing hide and seek with your self. What is within is mirrored outside of us. Now we see ourselves, now we don't.

Meanwhile, let us enjoy the ride. We all chose this and agreed to this anyway. Enjoy the diversity, glimpse other people's paths as well. Get yourself out of your box. Decide on a new flavor of ice cream, enjoy it, then move on. Life is a game with ourselves. Play it to the hilt!





Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 4:34pm
Archangel Raphael
Channeled through Noel Resella

In these times of turmoil when emotions run high and seem uncontrollable, the more one can have the opportunity to find peace. These emotions that present themselves as 'negative' are patterns from your past. They are cropping up right now for you to be able to identify with them, heal them. That is why it is an opportunity to choose peace instead of these patterns from the past.

Instead of being overwhelmed by them, create a time when you can sit down with them, go through a process of transmuting these obsolete energy into something bright and light that you can use in the present. Many feel they are victims of these emotions and cannot handle them well. So instead of resolving and closing the past related with these emotions, they tend to add more harmful actions (karma) to the existing ones. Adding more fuel to the fire. It may seem painful to sit down and deal with them but this is a more beneficial proactive practice rather than going through the same cycles again and again.

Transmuting these emotions now can bring tons of burdens to rest, release tension and fear from your body. It leads to a healthy and balanced way to perceive life since the obstacles in the form of these obsolete emotions had been re-patterned to a more advantageous belief system that can serve you more in fulfilling future goals.

It is like a cloudy crystal where its clarity become pronounced with time and the mistiness slowly disappearing to give way to a brilliance that can receive and reflect light radiantly. That crystal is within each and everyone of you. It is your shining jewel buried beneath years and lifetimes of conditioning that are being cleansed right now as Mother Earth does exactly the same thing to bring about an ascent in energetic frequencies.

Together with Mother Earth, as you claim this crystalline body, the reception of more light paves the way to build your lightbody. It is a crystalline structure of light which in its radiance reflect the light of your God Self, of Love.

You can procure a double terminated crystal to work with in cleansing your different bodies. About what type of crystal you need will be shown to you if you bring yourself to find one for this exercise. The crystal will call you and you will feel a deep connection with it once it comes your way.

As you sit to meditate in a space of quietness, bring your physical body to state of deep relaxation. It usually take fifteen minutes to quiet down the body to rest in a sea of calmness and serenity. As you regularly meditate everyday this fifteen minutes will shorten as you become proficient in quieting down your body.

In a comfortable way, bring the double-terminated crystal to your heart area, positioned vertically. Then envision in your mind's eye that you are within the crystal. Now request your Higher Self of the Light to assist you in clearing the emotions troubling you now. See these emotions as cloudy streaks in the crystals. Imagine them being slowly cleared with the help of your Higher Self. Visualize the cloud dispersing and disappearing until the whole crystal become radiant with clarity.

When the you feel and see that the crystal has cleared, you had become one with the crystal. Feel, see, know and believe that you had become the clear crystal. As you focus on being the crystal, ask your Higher Self to shower you with opalescent golden white light. Feel this light bathe you with unconditional Love. Let yourself immerse fully in this process until you feel you as the crystal had been fully saturated with the golden white light of unconditional Love from your Higher Self of the Light.

As you become full of this golden white light of unconditional Love, see the light start to exit through both terminated points. One at the bottom sends out this light to Mother Earth filling her whole being with unconditional Love. At the top, it exits and sends out unconditional love to the Universe. Continue feeling you are a channel of unconditional love to Mother Earth and the Universe. Sometime after this, you will feel you had become one with Mother Earth and the Universe.

Immerse in this perception and feeling of interconnectedness and oneness for a period of twenty minutes at the onset. In future meditations, you can extend it for as long as is comfortable for you.

Give thanks and gratitude to your Higher Self for the assistance. Emerge from the meditation, bringing with you the energetic quality of unconditional Love. Share it with everyone around you by sending them thoughts of unconditional Love silently. This way you become the clear crystal that reflects and sends forth the Christ Light of unconditional Love to each person that you meet and every situation that comes your way.

Be the clear crystal everyday as the vessel of Light and Love, being the true Being of Light and Love that you are!

In Service of the Light and Love always,
Archangel Raphael



Paving the Way for a Transition with Less Trauma

By Noel Resella
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 10:39am

Mother Earth has the capacity to heal herself, existing for millions of years, she has the wisdom to do this. In fact, it is a part of a 3,600 year cycle and science has recently discovered and verified this. She is cleaning the fears humans deposited upon her for many centuries. It is more imperative for humans to transmute their fears into love to lessen the impact of earth changes and help Mother Earth with the cleaning. Release and transmute your fears into Love, then there will be less suffering translated into the physical.

We have polluted Mother Earth not only with physical contaminants but emotional, mental and spiritual dross as well. The amount of emotional, mental, spiritual conflicts existing in the world right now is just too astounding and Mother Earth has to release them from her systems through earth upheavals in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

Personal, group, economic, political and religious conflicts presently add more to the dark energy hovering around us. Even supposed to be harmonious spiritual groups quarrel amongst themselves unable to find a place of merging because of egos on the loose. We have to stop all of these and instead find a place of unity within and outside ourselves, otherwise we prolong the delay of our progress towards a renewed and enlightened era.

Mother Earth can be assisted by each of us doing our inner work and letting go of what's no longer relevant in our lives through meditation and self-healing. When we do the transmutation of obsolete energy everyday, Mother Earth does not have to translate it to earth upheavals to shake up the blocked energy in people and trauma can be lessened.

We can take the responsibility in the cleaning of these various pollutants especially the non-physical ones which reflect the existence of physical pollution. What is within is reflected outside of us. We must take the responsibility, since we ourselves created the various dross energies, we need to clean them ourselves.

How do we go about it? There are so many methods available: meditation, prayer requests, reiki, qi gong, among others.

One can light a candle each day and ask God, your Higher Self, the Violet Flame, Archangel Raphael or any High-vibrating deity you prefer to assist in transmuting negative karma and being able to express it as love. It is no more complicated than that. Trust that the process will occur and you are on your way to releasing a lot of internal dross.

In meditation, ask God, your Higher Self, the Violet Flame, Archangel Raphael to help you clear obsolete energy in your systems. Then visualize the dross as grey smoke surrounding you. Call in the violet flame to transmute the grey smoke into love. Continue visualizing until all the grey smoke had been transmuted. Give thanks for the assistance.

Alternately, clear and clean your physical environment with clutter and things of the past that no longer serve you. The less attachments you have the less suffering you will encounter in the coming days.

There are many more ways. The most important thing is for you to effectively transform inner fears into Absolute Love. Then you are assisting Mother Earth in this time of Great Awakening and opportunity for mass enlightenment and ascension.

As you do inner work everyday, you are paving the way for the new era, the Golden Age to come into our midst and last for 10,000 years.

Love and Light to All!




A Return to Nature, A Return to Love
by Noel Resella on Monday, March 21, 2011 at 12:44pm

My morning showers always give me insights that somehow ignite something in the core of my being. I understand it is because the showering experience of cleansing one's self creates an openness where the releasing of the old and sometimes putrid matter (physical as well as mental and emotional) provide a void that can be filled in with the new.

My Guides had been urging me for the past several years to return to nature. I accepted and followed that advice by momentary and occasional trips to the tourist destinations. Only now do I realize it was skin-deep, that all these tourist destinations just provide a 'show' for entertainment and can even block the true communion with Mother Earth. They put up all these activities included in the package so you can be busy and be doing something else during the trip. They never got deeper than that because the organizers themselves do not have that experience and all they want is to collect energy from you in the form of money, creating another illusion.

That is why mountaineers who trek alone return to that activity again and again. It is in aloneness with Mother Earth that we really get to commune with her, get to know her better, experience her wisdom, her love. After all she had nurtured us since man appeared on her skin. Man had been misled by distorted minds to view it in another way which led us to the immense wall we are facing right now.

What is that wall? It is the our old thoughts, our beliefs, the way we were conditioned and brought up that life 'should be' living in this way, perpetuated by people around us, our educational system, the media. Old ways of 'surviving' when we were meant to LIVE, which is our birthright.

We have distorted beliefs passed on to us and still being maintained to support and continue the present status quo for the benefit of a handful of people (those with distorted views). We were always taught that we are not good enough. That we have to strive for something more, that we are not deserving, that we have to fit certain criteria to be able to pass standards. If we do not fit, we are labeled as an outcast, subnormal, freak. We were taught non-acceptance so we would not be able to find our True Self and inner power.

Having been taught non-acceptance, its easy for us to be led and be told we have to have straight hair, white skin, be in a particular profession, dress in a particular way, what body type we should all have, what kind and how big our house should be, what type of car we should drive, what kind of food we should eat, what kind of career we need, what type of partner we should marry, what kind of life we should live, what books we should read, movies to watch, gadgets to buy, things to wear, games to play which all serve to distract us to think for ourselves and most importantly, stay in silence to find our True Self.

In the process of doing this we build towers of Babels, monuments to money, manipulate our physical bodies to distortion, manipulate Mother Nature's genes, compete with each other, dulled our true senses, created so much fear and insecurities in our lives. We build systems that imprisoned ourselves and limited us to a boxed-in way of life that separated us from one another. We disconnected ourselves from Mother Nature by imitating her in our homes believing that we can recreate the feeling and connection if we exactly copy her.

We had been doing these for centuries and ended up as slaves of our own creations, prisoners of our own making and many of us are still blind to this illusion that we have created. We have become so attached to our belongings, properties, status quo, careers, educational attainment, personal labels, appearances, we have forgotten our True Self. We have sentenced ourselves to our own demise.

In this time of the Great Awakening, many are shredding the curtains of these illusions, but are at a lost where to go. We go to spas, fortunetellers, workshops, counsellors to get a grip and some guidance on where to go. We are guided to release and let go of old things in our inner and outer environment. But still we feel it is not enough.

And now we encounter the Great Changes. It is not anything new. It is written in all of the books of major religions and spiritual traditions from the Vedas, Christianity to the Mayans. The first thing we encounter is fear. Fear of the unknown, what is come, what is to happen, mostly stemming from losing what we have. I went though this as well. We all have to go through this in order for us to find the hiding places of these fears, deal with them and release them from our systems. It is a process of letting go of the accumulations of illusions we created and mentioned above, in order for us to encounter our True Self. The more we persist in holding on to these old systems the more we will encounter the actions and words we had created in the first place, not as a way of punishment but to clear them. As we go through the process with wisdom and less resistance we go to a place of more creativity and freedom. Newness.

We go from a place of fear, disconnection and competition, perceiving we are separate from each other to a dwelling where we realize our interconnectedness, oneness and LOVE. It is the next step.

As Mother Nature told me in a message amidst the confusion of fear in the past few days, the messages and forewarnings are not there to create fear within us. It is there to tell us that She is doing a spring-cleaning of the mess we have made ourselves, to help us realize what we had done to ourselves and she is paving the way to clear these old systems and illusions to bring us to a place of renewal. She is sending us those messages to set ourselves aside for a while, step aside. Take the messages as a call to go high up to the mountains while She is doing Her cleansing. For without the cleansing the new systems cannot be put into place.

While going up the mountains, back to Her breasts with love and nurturance, perceive it as a trip to commune with Her. Leave the fear behind. Bring less of what can distract you from communing with Her primal energy.

Bring the bare necessities for a number of days. While in the mountains, retreat in total silence with Her. Immerse in her loving energies to renew your body and spirits. Let Her heal you from all the centuries of illusions that have disconnected you and have created dis-ease in your body, mind and emotions. Let Her ReNew you.

When you get down from the mountain, you will bring the renewal down with you and share it with others. As you light these up in others, the next time you go up, more will come with you to do a complete communion with Her. As more cleanse themselves, then Mother Earth has less to cleanse by way of Earth changes. For what is within Her is in ourselves. As we cleanse ourselves, we help Her cleanse and heal Her from the centuries of conditioning we have imposed on Her as well. After all, in our interconnectedness, we are all Mother Earth as well.

May Light and Love prevail in the mountains and bring on the Mountains of Light!

Love and Light to all.




Letting Go Using the Water Element
by Noel Resella on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 9:24am

Releasing people and things from our lives bring some form of pain in one way or another. It can come as intense pain in our chests or minute irritations throughout the day at the onset. It can lead to diseases later on as the energy start to coagulate and congeal in our organs.

These sensations that we feel in our bodies are signals for us to make that change. Jump into the void with trust and make that change, even though we see no light at the current time. Our bodies are telling us that we do not need to repress and permit these low-level energy of depression, anger, fear, jealousy, self-loathing, doubt, guilt, all attached to the people and things we so hold on to. if we let these linger together with beliefs, attitudes and habits that can be detrimental to us, we create tension in our organs that lead to illnesses later.

We resist letting go as we dwell on the fear that nothing better might take its place, so we hold on, we grasp, using our energy for something that proves worthless for us and do not serve us any longer. We deliberately invest our energy in baskets with holes, wasting it unknowingly.
We hold to a person whom we believe still loves us but have stopped totally in communicating with us simply because energy do not jive anymore for both parties.

We dwell on the past situations we wish to rekindle but have lost their sparkle no matter how much we put more energy to ignite it again.
We hold on to beliefs that a person is a soulmate, an illusion that limits us to look elsewhere and find someone more fitting for us.
We stick to a business that is failing and seen its demise, but hoping it will turn around and regain its glory, when we can put our investments into something more worthy.

We stick to a job just because we need to earn money for survival even though we break our backs for a measly sum believing no better job opportunities are available for us.

At the group level, we continue to move through cycles of politics, economies, creeds, organizations that did not work for the whole and are collapsing one by one.

We are using our energy in vain and in waste. We create cycles of the past that make us robots of foregone ways and beliefs.

As we consciously let go, we free these energy that block us and serve as obstacles to new goals. When we let go we call in the quality of freedom in our lives. We release ourselves from the restrictions and prisons of the past and obsolescence. We create a ground for a new chapter to unfurl itself in front of us, giving us inspiration and space for new creations.

Water is the element connected with emotions. Emotions are the energy that are attached to old situations we refuse to let go of that intensifies the need to hold on. We can use water as a release agent to bring freedom into our lives.


In isolation, procure a glass container that you intend to use for this purpose repeatedly. Fill the glass with water. Recall a person, situation, emotion, trauma, illness that you intend to release at the moment. Verbally express these to the water until you feel you have exhausted the energy related to it from your system.

Say the following: I'm sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. I forgive you. Thank you. I release you from my life now. Repeat these phrases 3 times. Throw the water through the sink or toilet.

Repeat the process as necessary till you feel no heaviness when thinking of the person or situation. When this happens, you had completely exhausted the energy from your system.

Do only once a day.

Dig through your mental, emotional and spiritual cabinets through reflection and sieve the collections of memories, beliefs, attitudes and ways that no longer serve your present purposes. Trust that in releasing them something new of value will take their place. After all, the energy of the Universe is inexhaustible, truly abundant.

Let that expression of abundance dwell in our lives. Let us permit abundance to grace aspects of ourselves through constant renewal. There is no other way but to move forward. There is only evolution.



Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 8:19am
By Noel Resella

Visions of possibilities of how humanity can live in a better and harmonious way had resided in my waking states periodically now for almost a decade. They were all fragmented for the past nine years, until the time I transferred to my new home where so much inspiration had been flooding my mind. Finally, they were able to find their places in a puzzle where everything just seem to fall into place.

The changes needed to bring forth the new blueprint into reality would bring fear into a lot of people's minds and hearts. Of course, the proverbial resistance would be there as well. Change always bring some form of resistance. The greater the change, the stronger the resistance. However, it is the call of the times for these visions to materialize in some form to pave the way for the new systems to come. In other words, old world systems that did not work and only served a few are obsolete. A new world system is emerging in some form. The change begins in consciousness, as the usual process that manifestations begins with, which will propel inspiration and the urge to make changes in our realities. This process has began and will continue till 2012 and beyond.

The acceleration of change would be multiplied several times that the decree of change in our surroundings borders mind-boggling proportions. It is not for the weak-hearted, the myopic and the close-minded. It involves vision, strength, hope, innocence and joyfulness to propel the self to that side of propitious living and involvement. It involves humongous effort to change one's self, from the inner to the outer aspects - our ways of living, our belief systems, our values, our relationships, our goals, our visions.

It involves a personal decision for each one of us to undergo the change on an individual level for the change to reach the mass consciousness on a societal level. This is so possible right now and is happening in a dynamic involving all levels of existence.

On the physical aspects, many developments and available technologies are being given mainstream attention. This is a sign that humanity had undergone a consciousness shift and is ready for the new upgrade. Technologies that propose sustainable energy and ways of physical living are readily available. These proponents just need a push and support from everyone for immediate implementation on everyday levels of living: technology involving the use of nature of energy with zero damage on the environment, producing readily-available, healthy living food for mass-consumption and new fibers that can be produced from waste for clothing and other bodily needs.

On the emotional level, people need to learn how to handle their emotions and use them for their purposes rather than becoming emotional slaves. Ignorance of what emotions are and how to use them had led humanity to endless karmic cycles. It is time to end that through more enlightened emotional management practices, learning how to transmute emotions to benefit everyone.

On the mental level, new educational institutions that focus on holistic living values like oneness, sustainable creative-living and energy generation for enjoyment of life are needed and will find their way into the new integrated green villages of the future. People will commune to share methods on how they had used their minds for holistic and creative ways to live.

A new economic system based on sharing and a consciousness of abundant living will replace the old obsolete way of exchange. The emergence of a moneyless society is just at the corner. It is totally simple and will rid society of greed, corruption and crimes. Prisons will be a thing of the past and will be none-existent.

Councils will emerge as the governing body for these integrated villages where the creed 'for the good of all' establishes enlightened order and discipline on a personal level based on sharing, abundance and harmony.

The spiritual levels of the inhabitants of these villages will continue to explore higher levels of consciousness not accessible to humanity before where all aspects of living will be affected in positive ways not felt and imagined. Physical transportation will be obsolete, as physical ways of communicating as well.

A society based on the merging of science, metaphysics and religion is at hand. It is an inevitable possible reality which seem all the more plausible now. The future had been decided this year and the energy leading to this possible future is available and ready for manifestation.

All we have to do is create an attitude of openness, consciousness shifts and a reception filled with trust and well-Being.